Keys to evolutionary success: untangling drivers of hyperdiversification



7th July 2021 - We analysed the transcriptomes of two divergent lineages of cone snails (including Pygmaeconus, illustrated here, 5mm only!) with similarity- and structure-based approaches and discovered novel toxins! Check it here: 2021-07-07

Welcome to Carmen

5th July 2021 - Carmen Tucci, an Erasmus+ student from the University of Trieste, is joining the HYPERDERVE TEAM for 3 months. She will work on the transcriptomes of several glands of a cone snail, Conus virgo. Welcome! 2021-07-05


25th May 2021 - Nico and Maria-Vittoria are currently in the field collecting samples for the genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic analyses. So far, we found Monoplex corrugatus and Stramonita haemastoma; their genomes were recently sequenced but replicates were needed for the transcriptomic and proteomic analyses. We are also targeting other species, such as Columbella rustica (very common) and Pusia ebenus, and hope to have luck again in the next few days! 2021-05-25

8400 specimens, 3700 images, 2500 tissue clips, 2 genomes and 1 Data Management Plan!

29th March 2021 - Despite the lockdown and pending new sanitary restrictions, things are progressing! Claudia announces that she has processed 8400 specimens and added 3700 new photographs to the database. Meanwhile, Dario has tissue-clipped 2500 samples, ready to be sequenced as soon as the lab re-opens. The first 2 genomes of the project have been sequenced, and Alessandro and Thomas are analysing them as we speak - the preliminary assemblies look very promising! And finally, Tanya has submitted the first Data Management Plan to the ERC. More coming soon! 2021-03-29

Welcome to Alessandro

It is Alessandro's turn to join the HYPERDIVERSE team! His first work will be to assemble the first genomes - the data are arriving! Good luck and welcome! 2021-03-02


5th January 2021 - Thomas Lemarcis joins the team! He is starting his PhD on the phylogeny of neogastropod, with a special emphasis on Raphitomidae and the sequencing of old-collection samples. Let's hope that the covid situation will improve soon to start the lab work asap! 2020-01-05


5th January 2021 - In 3 months, Claudia already sorted and updated the database for more than 2,500 samples of neogastropods! Only a few tens of thousands to go ;) 2021-01-05

Welcome to Dario

4th November 2020 Welcome to Dario (Research ingeneer)! Unfortunately, his arrival in the project coincide with the second lockdown in France... Consequently, the lab work will have to wait a little bit - in the meantime, we play in silico with the available COI sequences! 2020-11-04


Last week was the opportunity for Nico and Maria Vittoria to collect fresh material for the ERC, as part of the "La Planète Revisitée" expedition in Corsica. On the picture, Maria Vittoria is dissecting a sample of Monoplex (Cymatiidae, Tonnoidea) to preserve it in liquid nitrogen for genomic and transcriptomic sequencing. You can follow the expedition here: 2020-10-26


7th October 2020: Today was organized the kick-off meeting of the project! Due to the sanitary crisis, a limited number of persons enjoyed a short presentation of the project, both on the scientific and administrative sides, followed by a little drink. 2020-10-07


1st of October 2020: Welcome to Tanya (Project Manager) and Claudia (Collection Manager), who join Nicolas Puillandre to constitute the ERC HYPERDIVERSE team V1.0! The work thus officially started with the first administrative tasks (the first one being the organization of the kick-off meeting) and the curation of the samples of the Tonnoidea superfamily. 2020-10-01


1st October 2020: Official starting date of the HYPERDIVERSE project! In spite of the difficult sanitary conditions, the HYPERDIVERSE project has officially started! Let’s hope that these 5 upcoming years will be fruitful, both for the project in itself, with significant progress toward a better understanding of the evolution of the neogastropods, and for the members of the project in terms of personal achievements! 2020-10-01